Roberto Bertoli Architetto studio explores all the territories of architecture, urban planning and exhibition design. The multidisciplinary team includes different professionals: architects, urban planners, designers and historical-artistic curators.

Among the essential references, there is the design legacy of the exponents of American minimalism and Hard Edge such as Sol Lewitt and Donald Judd, intended as the progressive reduction of form to the essential.

In each creation, natural light determines the spaces and times of use become the main aspects. The design develops starting from the rectangle, which transforms into a parallelepiped, the volumes are broken down and assembled together. The target is the return to the origin, the geometric absolute.

This philosophy is never imposed from above, it follows a path of research and interpretation of the places with which it is confronted with the needs of users; at the same time the project work is measured with the changing needs and resources in dialogue with the sedimentary values in the contexts.

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